BREAKING NEWS: The Josip Heit gang is also suspected of aggravated assault +++ Numerous girls are said to have been severely tortured +++ According to the report, one popular method was "waterboarding" +++ Unruly women were forced under water until they were afraid of drowning +++ After that, the file says, "they were regularly raped until they obeyed the orders." +++


The dirty truth of Josip Heit and his "brother forever" Alex Bodi

On April 12, 2021, the professional criminal Josip Heit declared in an affidavit: "I am not involved in any human trafficking and the public prosecutor's office in Frankfurt has not started any investigation against me. I am not a key figure in any network of human traffickers operating throughout Europe and have therefore not been guilty of any crime in this regard. The public prosecutor's office is also not charging me with promoting prostitution, extortion, coercion, promoting child prostitution, tax evasion and fraud. There is not a single investigation against me in this regard either, nor is there any criminal action on my part in any way."

It may be true that this is the case for the German prosecutor's office in Frankfurt. The file of the Romanian public prosecutor's office in Bucharest reads quite differently: according to it, Josip Heit is "a key figure in a network of human traffickers and pimps operating throughout Europe." According to the indictment, Heit was named by several defendants in Romania as the contact person in the German red-light milieu.

Josip Heit, the self-proclaimed "banker" and head of "Global Standard Banking Corporation AG" (Hamburg) is a close friend of one of the key defendants in the case. Before Alex Bodi, like Josip Heit, could leave early for Dubai, he was arrested in November 2020 and released to house arrest after several weeks because of the acute coronavirus pandemic. Now he has to report daily to the police and fulfill all court requirements. Contact with his accomplices is prohibited.

The charges brought by the Romanian public prosecutor's office are serious: forming a criminal organization, human trafficking, pimping, extortion - the list goes on and on. In addition to Josip Heit, a total of 18 other people have been identified as members of the criminal organization. They are also under investigation.

Alex Bodi and Josip Heit have had a close friendship for many years. From exchanging partners to celebrating Christmas together, the "brothers for life" (Heit on Brodi) have swapped and shared everything that life has brought them.

So it's not surprising that Alex Bodi still played a leading role in the start-up phase of the GSB network and is the network's contact person into organized crime. Using the worthless, illegal cryptocurrency G999, Bodi was also responsible for money laundering, according to recent findings. Romanian investigators are also looking into whether GS Partners' communication system, allegedly built on a blockchain, is also currently being used for the criminal organization.

Meanwhile, more details have emerged from the investigation file in Bucharest. According to it, the pimps allegedly "recruited" the girls on social networks and then forced them into prostitution at meetings through rape, drugs and blackmail. The girls were offered in clubs throughout Europe - according to the report, the exclusive German right was held by "banker" Josip Heit.

The gang is also suspected of aggravated assault. Numerous girls are said to have been severely tortured. According to the report, one popular method was "waterboarding". Unruly women were forced under water until they were afraid of drowning. After that, the file says, "they were regularly raped until they obeyed the orders."

One victim described to prosecutors how she was raped, passed out and then had her head put in the bathtub to drown her. She and other girls were simultaneously drugged and gang raped by all members of the criminal group.

Alex Bodi is also suspected of "abusing" his wives and partners - he and the arrested gang members face up to 25 years in prison.

Meanwhile, Josip Heit knows for sure that the German and Romanian investigators will not be able to arrest him in Dubai. This is another reason why he is completely free to make any false affidavits.


We reward your valuable information

The fraud network G999 and Gold Standard Partners of the previously convicted Josip Heit brings new surprises and new news every day.

That is why we have now launched the international campaign "BE WARE - BEWARE". The aim is to prevent further damage. We want to warn, to point out, to collect information from all over the world for our readers.

We want to be for you even more the mirror of a unique fraud system. Before even more damage is done.

It is about GS Telecom, the G999, the rip-off methods of the Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG, which wants to be called recently only GSB Hamburg AG. It is about shady transactions and hints about alleged gold deposits, mines and business of all kinds and alleged businesses of Josip Heit and his crooks.

But it is also about criminals like the South African Tony De Gouveia, who fleeces his networkers with unbelievable methods, empty promises and crazy forecasts and lies. And he is only one of many.

We reward you for your tips. With a gift of your choice. Send us your contact details, your information, anything you think is important to:

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Unbelievable fraud

The brazen data theft at G999 Gold Standard Partners

New serious accusations against professional criminal Josip Heit and his fraud network G999: IT specialists have analyzed the alleged "GSTelekom by G999 Blockchain". Their warning: "This app, disguised as a chat program, is nothing more than an attempt to tap personal data and collect confidential passwords."

The data theft is well disguised at that: "Welcome to the first decentralized chat app" it says as a greeting. Of course, the G999 scam would be nothing if CEO Josip Heit didn't loudly proclaim: "The most advanced chat application". Of course, this is absolute nonsense.

Commissioned specialists from the internationally recognized "Chaos Computer Club" (CCC) have tested the chat app for consumer protection organizations. Their verdict: "The chat app is at best of average quality and cannot compete with high-security apps like Signal or Theema. But will think that it does not matter at all. The alleged promise of a blockchain app cannot be confirmed."

Indeed, it is true that the fraud network "Gold Standard Partners" advertises blockchain solutions that do not exist. Investors and investors are being ripped off in a brazen snowball scheme. The G999 app for the "important and confidential messages of Josip Heit and his vicarious agents" is used as a central control in the network. All chats are checked and copied - even the supposedly private ones.

According to investigators, the Croatian Josip Heit uses the app to infiltrate the system "in order to operate his million-dollar fraud undisturbed and shielded from public access. Investigators also assume that the app is used by the mafia, money launderers and human traffickers. Heit apparently plays a key role in organized crime.

But something else is fatal: users are forced to enter 24 "secret words" via the user login. Just like it is used by crypto ledgers that control access to crypto wallets. These 24 secret words are the ultimate key to the wallets.

From the environment of Josip Heit and his technical assistant Alexandru Cocindau, it says in a confidential email and service directive, which is also available to investigators: "The 24 words are to be matched with a ledger and it is to be determined on the 24 secret words of the app then also directly accesses the wallets lets."

In plain English, anyone who uses the same 24 secret words for the G999 app that they use for their wallet is out their cryptocurrency. It is impossible to get it back. After all, anyone who reveals their secret words also no longer has any legal options for recovering it. Josip Heit knows that, too.

Because that's exactly what he and his G999 helpers are after. The analysts from the CCC: "Why would anyone give 24 words for a chat app? You only do that to get secret words. And then there's the question of what you want to do with them. The fact is that a chat app does not need such security. Even if it were running on a blockchain, which this app actually doesn't."

Josip Heit, who has already defrauded former business partners of amounts in the hundreds of millions, is now an international wanted man. He is always not hiding in Dubai, as confirmed by eyewitnesses. In Europe, the United States and South Africa, consumer protection organizations are warning against the alleged cryptocurrency G999 and Gold Standard partners.

Meanwhile, the price of the G999 is bobbing in technical nothingness: after a short-term "value increase" of more than 200 percent was manipulated by proven manipulations of the IT technician and "blockchain developer" Alexandru Cocindau, the G999 is currently in free fall again.

But before it hits the ground completely, Cocindau always makes sure that it climbs again. Currently to a fabulous 1 cent.


The incredible audacity of Josip Heit never stops: $3.5 million is meant to put his "community" on the right track

According to new sources, the accusations against Josip Heit and his opaque network are mounting up: he received more than 110 million euros and embezzled huge sums of it. There is talk of losses of more than 50 percent. With these embezzled funds he has developed the fraud system "Gold Standard" and "Gold Standard Partner".

Josip Heit likes to make contracts, but he doesn't like to keep them. He also doesn't pay bills, and doesn't deliver mobile phones and laptops that have been paid for. He has no mines or other assets of value. But he does have close contacts with organized crime and the Romanian mafia.

He has double-crossed and lied to his business partners. Josip Heit is a fraud. And anyone who does business with him quickly becomes a target for investigations and unpleasant police visits. Because no one can now claim not to have known anything, since the unmasking website was published, everyone can become comprehensively informed.

Over in Hamburg (or Duesseldorf) resident GSB gold standard Banking Corporation AG circles long the bankruptcy vulture. Creditors want to file for insolvency at the beginning of the year because Heit cannot pay his bills. Meanwhile, Heit squanders the investors' money in Dubai in luxury hotels.

One thing is certain: The GSB Gold Standard Group is only a facade to deceive investors and distributors who are supposed to distribute his illegal G999 and other fantasies. The entire group of companies consists of only bogus addresses and empty shells. To this day, Josip Heit has been unable to deliver any of what he promised.

According to the latest information, the G999 is threatened with a timely end: Josip Heit, according to the accusation, has shamelessly stolen the entire concept. In fact, Josip Heit has neither the competence nor the intelligence to develop a product like the G999. In fact, the G999 (as of December 28, 2020) is in free fall: with sales of $15,731.04, the value of the G999 is a "fabulous" $0.00898744. In actual money, that's nothing.

A business partner who broke away from GSB and Heit because of these criminal methods can prove that he paid for the entire development of G999, which was initially planned to deliver value. For his own company, not for GSB. Heit then ripped off the concept and the G999 through his Romanian mafia friends. Now several prosecutors are clearing up what happened.

Meanwhile, Heit is hiding in Dubai.

So it's not surprising that he asks for divine help. In his Christmas and New Year's address, Heit himself speaks of "challenging times" in the face of so much anger and headwind.

Literally, "Dear brothers and sisters, dear families, dear partners, to all of you I wish with all my heart all the best, divine blessings and the strength to transform the special challenges that our human family is facing right now into a victory of spiritual truth and divine values."

On his own, Heit doesn't take "divine values" too seriously, if you take all the facts and papers that document his deception. Now he even has a special gift for his "community": 3.5 million US dollars that he wants to give away.

This is also money that he "forked over" from his former business partners, to whom he even pushed worthless gold mines. The millions he collected for exploration and other things went into his pocket - there were not even the promised mines. Heit had "fixed" that with falsified documents.

No wonder that Josip Heit now has to rely on divine providence: "Do good and it will be done to you as well!" And then he rambles on: "To express it clearly in Christian metaphors, that the words of Jesus Christ are more than true, especially in this holy Christian time: 'Forgiveness is the message'."

Forgiveness, however, he asks in vain.

"Hard facts are our message, this also applies to some unspeakable allegations, false testimonies and above all malice, which are voiced again and again towards my community and associates!" complains Josip Curcic, now called Josip Heit.

"I am not an apostle, I am not a bringer of salvation and yes we are all just human, but as a human and as a board member of my community as well as a family man, I say with my heart and mind: 'Follow your own sense, follow what you believe yourself, follow the vision that makes you happy and don't let it stop you from doing what you want to do!'"

Now it remains interesting also for the prosecutors: "As the Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard Group, I would like to state and declare here: The GSB team has worked hard for over two years to innovate the G999, a highly complex project that can and will help all people, as well as industries. This is clearly a fact and not just a full-bodied promise!"

Josip Heit has never "worked hard" except for rip-offs, and when he talks about "innovation" he means new systems and ways to fleece even the last investor (with the help of his newfound affiliates and stakeholders).

Of course, the originally developed G999 is indeed a "highly complex project", but Heit never understood it. His options remained limited to ways and means how he could turn it into a new rip-off scam and continues to do so. The main thing is that his stupid affiliates and partners do not understand what humbug he is serving up.

So it's understandable to take the "GS Partners platform, which enables networkers or crowdfunders worldwide to earn their daily pay in real-time" right along with his impending downfall: "I have decided against this background here and now to offer prizes, prizes in the amount of 3.5 million US dollars in the form of real estate."

Lest there be any false impression: The "GS Partner Community" is not among the starving, even in pandemic times. And, Heit booms: "I give the possibility to have a roof over the head. A roof marked by love and future security!"

A roof made of fraud, infidelity and embezzlement. Josip Heit has not earned a cent honestly to this day. Where this money comes from, he also reveals, "in such a short time (have) joined over 40,000 other members of our community!"

And finally, "I, Josip Heit, as Chairman of the Board of GSB Gold Standard, must and will always be a role model! Our community is in all respects, first of all, a home for people who have it hard in these times. So, dear worldwide GS Partners and Members, be excited about the days and weeks ahead!"

Indeed, we are and will remain excited.


Whoever participates in the G999 is in the middle of it: money laundering, human trafficking, commercial fraud, drug trafficking, extortion and more

Josip Heit likes to surround himself with things he thinks are important: such as fast cars, expensive watches, designer clothes, pretty women. He climbs into private planes and plays hard to get. He pretends to be important. Josip Heit is a fraud, a phony. He has never earned money because he is a good guy.

The story of Josip Heit is a cheap thriller.

Josip Heit's real name is Josip Curcic. A small-time hood from the Dortmund area who quickly got into trouble with the law. He married his first wife Katarina and her name is Heit. In Germany, a husband can take his wife's name. So Josip Curcic became Josip Heit and his criminal record is history overnight, at least in the public eye.

He struggles with the German and English language because he is almost illiterate. He has neither learned nor practiced a real profession. Fraud runs like a red thread through his coked-up life.

Someone like him quickly found and finds his equals: pimps, thieves, small-time crooks, blackmailers and swindlers. One of the arts of conning is that successful con artists usually have successful victims to prey on. Heit has a special talent for this.

Josip Heit quickly found and finds contact with such entrepreneurs. Even to those whose businesses lie in the gray zone. They are particularly easy to fleece because their business is always on the edge of legality and they shun publicity like a moth to a flame.

Josip Heit was always able to deliver "solutions" (at least with his mouth) and cashed in heavily. He was helped by alleged "specialists", falsified documents, bogus companies, alleged mines with "treasures", and contacts all over the world. Whereas in fact, his contacts extend only to mafia structures in Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and the Balkans. He himself boasts that he is a "member of the mafia".

He does not even stop at threats and sometimes stages an exchange of fire to bring supposed critics or business partners back on track. Secrecy is thus assured for him.

In his mind, Heit has always remained a small-time crook who needs status symbols to cover up his own unimportance. Like his pimp friends, he cultivates narcissism in social media. This self-absorption is only briefly interrupted when it comes to his eleven-year-old daughter Olivia, who lives with her mother Katarina Heit in Dortmund.

Josip Heit's parties with hookers and drugs are legendary. And at such parties, his victims are also invited, filmed and blackmailed afterwards. His "brother for life" Alex Bodi was arrested for human trafficking, promoting prostitution, drug trafficking and money laundering in Romania. Brodi's leads to Germany and France landed on Heit's doorstep.

2018 was a good year for Josip Heit, who with his company "Gazella", which later became GSB, collected 128 million from a partner and delivered nothing. Numerous victims of this fraud are now "Gold Standard Partners" and, because it worked so well the first time, are simply fleeced again.

Fatally, with the help of so-called "leaders" to whom he promised the big payoff and who fall for his G999 and an alleged blockchain that ensures that all data can be tapped at any time and the partners thus become blackmailable.

It is not surprising that the G999 is not Heit's invention either - he simply stole the idea - and only developed the idea of the manipulable blockchain further with his criminal friends.

Then, during the implementation, a huge fraud system was also developed, which only ensures that Heit and his accomplices - and especially the leaders of the network - will cash in. Everyone will lose their money. At some point, as with OneCoin, the scam will be exposed. But by then, Heit will be long gone.

That's as far as it goes with him. Even if he simply lacks the intelligence for proper business, his survival skills have saved him from evil in the past. Yet several public prosecutors in Germany, France and Romania are after him.

What it's really all about

Josip Heit is the head of a gigantic fraud system. Through him, criminals launder their money. All this under the good-sounding cover "Gold Standard Bank"

  • Sophia Thomalla: The Decoy

    Sophia Thomalla is what is commonly known as a man's dream. Since she got naked in Playboy, she fires the imagination of both sexes. Her contacts in the red-light milieu and with Josip Heit fit perfectly into the marketing of the G999 scam system. Sophia Thomalla will do anything for money. And then many simply switch off their brains when it comes to sex. The Gold Standard Bank's G999 scam system is designed to do just that: Gold, money, sex, fast cars and the good life. Sophia Thomalla knows it's a scam.
  • Alex Cocindau: The technician

    Alexandru Cocindau is a web developer. The man from Galati, Romania, does whatever GSB boss Josip Heit wants for money. Cocindau "developed", a useless system that pulls the wool over the eyes of his "Gold Standard Partners". Experts wonder: what's the point? What is the advantage? Answer: brutal rip-off of ignorant partners. After all, who really knows anything about blockchains? Less than one percent of the world's population know how it works - not even Josip Heit. But he doesn't care, as long as the money keeps flowing.
  • G999: The stolen solution

    Josip Heit is a Slavic crook. As an entrepreneur, he has failed at almost everything he has touched. This is due to his simple nature and lack of intelligence. But Heit can sell himself well: In ill-fitting brand-name clothes, surrounded by ladies from the horizontal trade, he fits more into the pimp milieu. But he's boss of the Gold Standard Bank, which operates on a $25,000 license he bought on an island somewhere. Because he lacks any sense of entrepreneurial class, he steals ideas - such as the G999 - after cheating partners.
  • Falk Rodig: The money launderer

    Berlin lawyer Falk Rodig, a close partner of GSB boss Josip Heit, is also in the investigators' sights. Rodig, for months "COO" of GSB Gold Standard Group, is Heit's money launderer. Rodig has skirted taxes by moving amounts of more than 12 million euros through his lawyer accounts. Tax investigators are on his trail. Rodig, a right-wing politician, has close ties to the Russian secret service, coordinates Heit's cooperation with the Russians and the data exchange of the "Gold Standard Partners". All contact data ends up in Russian systems.
  • Alex Bodi: The Pimp

    When Alex Bodi was arrested in Romania, it hit like a bomb. Bodi, the man at Josip Heit's side and most important partner in the G999 criminal network, is accused of promoting prostitution and child pornography. He is considered a pimp, human trafficker and money laundering "courier", as well as guilty of drug trafficking, assault and membership in criminal associations. In custody, the muscular Bodi spilt the beans and heavily incriminated Heit. Today, Heit no longer wants to know anything about Bodi. This is also part of Heit's personality.
  • Ovidiu Toma: The data thief

    Ovidiu Toma is the head of the Romanian company Cryptodata. Toma has received more than 24 million euros for the development of secure cell phones and laptops. He did not deliver. Toma collected millions of investors' money in cryptocurrencies - until today, investors are waiting for their money. Now prosecutors are investigating. Toma is now hawking the products on his own account. Toma belongs to the criminal network of Josip Heit. Fatal: Neither cell phones nor laptops are safe according to tests. Heit and Toma listen to and read everything. The accusation: This is how users are blackmailed.


The bought truths: The perfect deception of Golden Standard Partners

Josip Heit



Help us put a stop to Josip Heit and his network already now - before it's too late

The website is a compilation of hard facts, criminal complaints, investigations and the analysis of numerous documents and payment receipts provided by companies and individuals involved. All documents are also shared with investigating prosecutors in Germany, France and the USA. At the same time, financial supervisory authorities, tax authorities and control authorities for banks have been activated. We would like to thank the affected companies, investigators, investor protectors and media partners for their kind support.

Are you a victim?

The common goal: to prevent the GSB and G999 fraud network from becoming a global pandemic. A special focus is on the more than two dozen "leaders" who promote this fraud network and sell it as a cash cow to their "downlines."

The hard facts: The "new eco-system" of the convicted Josip Heit is nothing more than a Mickey Mouse event with play money. He is waving a golden credit card in Dubai and fooling his supposed followers into believing in a solution that does not exist.

Neither the G999, nor the GSB have the approvals for these deals. All who participate become targets of regulatory controls and audits. Josip Heit and his network are the target of far-reaching investigations of money laundering, and illegal and prohibited financial transactions.

But that's not all: the network works with the personal data of affiliates, investors and victims, which are passed on to organized crime. If they try to defend themselves, they are threatened. Meanwhile, Josip Heit has fled from the German investigators to Dubai. There he is not threatened with deportation to Germany.

Are you a victim?

Josip Heit's Fairy Tale Lesson:

The story of the
"GSB Gold Standard Group"
· Completely based on lies and fraud
· Investigators take a close look
· Tax investigation already underway

  • Josip Heit was broke in 2011

    On the website nothing is actually true. This is understandable because if the truth came to light, no one would do business with Josip Heit and his henchmen. The GSB story is a fairy tale. A deception. Because Heit wants to make everyone believe that he has been a successful businessman for years, and that GSB has been in existence since 2011. That is as far from the truth as the earth is from the moon.
  • The fairy tale "Ecosystem"

    Whoever deceives an investor because he wants to get his money is guilty of fraud. So if Josip Heit claims on his to have invested a lot of money in 2012 and this is not true, he is a fraud. The facts: in 2012 GSB did not even exist and Heit did not have the corresponding funds. In fact, companies he is involved with are closed due to lack of funds. And certainly, Heit did not develop an "ecosystem". This idea is stolen.
  • The unbelievable fairy tale of IBBP

    Josip Heit claims to have developed an "International Blockchain Business Platform" (IBBP) back in 2014. It takes a lot of brazenness to publish such lies. In 2014, Heit was still broke. And with his insolvent call center as far from a blockchain as it's possible to imagine. So Josip Heit is not only a fraud, he's also a liar. The first serious scientific papers on IBBP are from 2018.

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G999 or GSB: Don't give the crooks a chance

If we bring the truth to light, people will not lose their money. We need your help. Write to us if you too are a victim or have been scammed in the network. We work as a coordination center on an international level with the authorities and the media. Your information will of course, be treated confidentially. Whistleblowers enjoy special protection.